Minnie’s Food Pantry is devoted to the fight against food insecurity and ensuring that no person goes hungry. With the tragic effects of Hurricane Harvey, many have lost everything, including access to healthy meals.

For 9 years, Minnie’s Food Pantry has been the first line of defense in the fight against hunger, bringing local and national attention to the issue of food insecurity and providing over 6 million meals to families in need.

In wake of Hurricane Harvey and the effects it has had on our neighboring cities, families and loved ones, Minnie’s Food Pantry has committed to answering the call to action! After the devastating impact of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Minnie’s Food Pantry openly welcomed those who seeked refuge in Dallas, TX, removing the worries of not having food and toiletries. The Mayor of Dallas has estimated that over 5,000 evacuees will find refuge in our great city and Minnie’s Food Pantry hopes to eliminate concerns of not having some of life’s basic necessities.

By donating to Minnie’s Food Pantry, you will allow us to continue and provide quality items to our clients in need, including those who will be joining our great city as their homes are rebuilt. Minnie’s Food Pantry will also be distributing care packages to evacuees of Hurricane Harvey throughout the City.

You can donate directly to Minnie’s Food Pantry by texting HH to 41444 or


-Peanut Butter

-Vienna Sausages

-Packs of Tuna

-Apple Sauce

-Granola Bars

-Individual cereal boxes

-Instant Mac and Cheese

-Cup of Soup

-Fruit Cups

-Fruit Snacks

-Individual Trail Mix

-Individual Pretzels

-Juice Boxes

-Bottled Water

-NEW Socks

-Diapers (infants and seniors)

-Baby Formula & NEW Bottles

-Jello Cups/Pudding Packs





Items can be dropped off at Minnie’s Food Pantry Monday-Friday

3033 W. Parker Road, Suite 117 Plano, TX 75023

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