Food is a basic necessity of life; everyone needs to eat. But unfortunately, not every person has access to healthy meals for themselves or their loved ones. That is where Minnie’s Food Pantry steps in. The face of hunger is not just the homeless.  We feed everyone, whether it’s a single parent trying to feed their rapidly growing children, or a business man/woman who just got laid off their job. Maybe you are a grandparent raising your grandchild(ren), or maybe someone who works full-time but simply cannot make ends-meet. Maybe a school teacher who spends her extra money on supplies for her classroom or a government employee trying to catch up on past-due bills as a result of the government shut down. Quite possibly you’re a senior living on a fixed income, or a veteran who once served our country. Hunger can affect anyone, but the great news is: Minnie’s Food Pantry is here to serve!!

Hours of Operation

Wednesday – Saturday
(Closed 5th Saturdays)
8:30am – 11:30am

Minnie’s Food Pantry is a 501C3 non-profit organization that provides healthy meals, educational resources and red-carpet treatment to every person that we serve. For many, Minnie’s Food Pantry is the first line of defense so a person can have a meal. We are proud to serve every zip code and all those in need, regardless of geographic boundaries, gender, race or religion.
At Minnie’s Food Pantry, we roll out the red carpet and we make receiving food assistance as simple as possible. Eligibility to receive food is determined by the TEXCAP guidelines, which measures a person’s need based on their income. Based on availability, Minnie’s Food Pantry provides fresh meats, fresh produce, fresh dairy products and non-perishable items to every family that walks through our doors. All clients at Minnie’s Food Pantry must complete a recipient form during their first visit of each calendar year. The form can be filled out in person or online here.


In order to receive food assistance, please be sure to bring these two things:


  • Identification Card
  • Passport
  • Library Card with Your Photo
  • Credit Card with Your Photo
  • Debit Card with Your Photo


  • Government Documents (W2 Forms, Social Security letter, voter’s registration card, Jury Duty notice, HUD letter, SNAP benefits form, car registration, IRS statement, property tax statement. MUST BE DATED WITHIN 60 DAYS.

*Minnie’s Food Pantry can only serves (1) Person per Household


Time is one of our most precious gifts. Will you consider giving yours by volunteering at Minnie’s Food Pantry?


Whether you host a drive, or add a few items to your cart during your next trip to the store, Minnie’s Food Pantry is always accepting non-perishable items!


Every dollar donated to Minnie’s Food Pantry provides 3 meals to families we serve. Consider making a gift today!


Do you have a voice and want to use it to make a difference? Join Minnie’s Food Pantry in the fight against hunger as a #HungerHero