It was a beautiful day and the staff members of Minnie’s Food Pantry were in a meeting when the telephone rang .  The woman on the phone  said ” I HAVEN’T EATEN IN FOUR DAYS.”   We stopped what we were doing and immediately took action.  How could someone living in Plano, Texas, one of the wealthiest cities in the United States, need a meal?   The answer is simple, it’s a person who is a senior citizen, a veteran, a single parent who is working or receiving disability but can’t make ends meet.  That’s where your donations make a difference.  The question is  What if…  you had not made a decision to donate to Minnies’s Food Pantry ?   This call would have been very different.  I wanted to share an unedited video on what actually happened that day and please understand this is a sample of what our team members and volunteers may experience on any given day  when we help feed our neighbors.  Please watch the video and join our fight to reduce hunger.

Feed Just One,

Dr. Cheryl Jackson